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Previously, camping group coming to Khare carried their tents and other equipments as it was not available in the region. However, with the increase in the number of climbers coming to scale Mera Peak or to reach the high camp the number of hotels in Khare area has also increased. The guests can now live comfortably in the hotels and lodges of the region. However, the trek to high camp need various equipments which the climber can get on hire at Refuge Mera.

Refuge Mera is one stop destination where the companies rendering trekking services to Mera Peak can get all the necessary equipments and other services. Refuge Mera provides the best possible services that will save time and effort of the companies.  It also helps in reducing cost of the expedition as equipments and other materials need not be carried all the way from the capital. It is the base from where all the climbing gears can be hired along with the necessary technical expertise.

Situated at Khare in Solukhumbu District, Refuge Mera provides the best in hospitality. It is the preferred destination for the climbers who stay here for two days before heading to the high camp. Refuge Mera also provides all the necessary equipments and other materials for the high camp where climbers and trekkers spent at least one night.

Previously, the trekking and expedition companies had to carry all the materials and equipments from the capital which ensured that the expedition was very expensive. However, after the establishment of Refuge Mera, the cost of expedition has been reduced dramatically as the cost of transportation and porter has been reduced considerably.

Refuge Mera stands out as the most prominent destination for trekking and expedition of Mera Peak.

Refuge Mera is operated by locals and is working towards to the benefit of the community in the region. Run by local Thile Sherpa, who has an experience of almost a decade in trekking and expedition field, Refuge Mera is a reliable source for all the necessary services..

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