Refuge Mera provides all the necessary facilities and services which will ensure a memorable expedition. There are various services provided which include:

1. Climbing Equipment on Hire Refuge Mera provides all kind of climbing equipment on hire. The company has all the necessary equipment which will facilitate climbers and trekkers. The availability of these equipment has ensured that the companies need not carry any equipment from the capital.

2. High Food, Special food required at high altitude is available at Refuge Mera. The food is hygienic and is prepared to the liking of the guests.

3. Communication Refuge Mera provides internet, telephone and STD services to its guests. This helps guest stay in touch with their near and dear ones at all time.

4. Rescue service In case of emergency, Refuge Mera will be able to contact the expedition company and will provide rescue services. Refuge Mera has successfully conducted emergency rescue operations in the past.

5. Comfortable Accommodation Refuge Mera provides proper lodging and fooding for its guests. It is well equipped with clean rooms along will 24 hours hot and cold running water.

6. Climbing Guides are ready to render their services to the guests at Refuge Mera. These guides are experts on expedition and have years of experience.

7. Porter Guests can hire porter to carry their luggage or any other equipment. These porters have good knowledge of the region and are experts on high altitude services.

8. Other Services Refuge Mera also provides equipment for trekkers who would prefer to reach Ampu Lapcha from Mera Peak. Additional USD 70 per guest will be charged for this service. Similarly, we also provide all the necessary guide and porter service for trekkers coming from Lukla to Mera Peak and back to Lukla again. The cost of this service will be in accordance to the rate of the company.

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