As we know Nepal is under developed country. To develop the nation every individuals, non- government organizations and government organizations must play equal roles. Unless these activities and roles development is never possible.

In the contest of Nepal, Social and non profit organizations are the most important to motivate and to encourage the development programs in country and its remote and hilly region where centre government cannot reach so seriously. One of those places is Mera Valley area which is located between two famous trekking regions Makalu and Everest.

So, our philosophy is that we want to develop the social infractures like school buildings, hospital buildings, construction of trekking trails, promoting eco tourism, preserving local culture and tradition etc. of this Mera Valley area co-operating with individual donors, national and international associations. Public participations are always essential and welcomed to complete the social projects.

We would like to share our philosophy to bring these projects together in this remote area and we are welcomed for your helpful steps for this region in coming future.

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