Equipment List

The following items are hiring climbing equipment in REFUGE MERA for Mera Peak and other.

Climbing equipments list

equpment list 500
















































For guest other equipments available

Oxygen cylinder & Max regulater, Gloves, Sun  glasses, Sticks, Halmet, High thermos, Socks,  Water bottle, Ski Boards, Water proof trousers & jacket, Down jacket,  Sleeping bag, Walkee talkee(talk back), Thurya Set light phone  and as your requirement.

For camping equipments available

North face tent (2 Pax space), Dining and Kitchen tent, Toilet tent, Shower tent, Mattress, Folding Table and Chair, High food, Tin fruits, EP gas, Gas stove, Fuel stove, Fuel or Kerosene oil, Cooking pot or Utensils, Solar panel, Tapling, Porter, cook, Climbing Sherpa, High altitude Guide and other facilities.

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